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Gifts to thrill at the grill


With Father’s Day right around the corner, you can go back to the old standby tie and golf tees package or you can step up to something that will come in handy every time dad (or anyone else) fires up the grill. Here are some suggestions for every type of grill master:

The Neat Freak:

For the dad who likes to keep the grill spotless before and after a meal, a heavy duty grid brush is a must. Pair it with a biodegradable grill cleaner and let dad worry about cooking, not cleaning.

The Family Man:

Trying to balance adult meals with kid-friendly choices can be tricky, but burger presses and grill baskets make it easy to accommodate everyone. Sliders are the perfect size for little hands, and a basket that can grill at least six at time will help keep hungry mouths fed. A stuffed burger press is perfect for creating unique flavor combinations for the adults. Try Greek burgers stuffed with feta cheese, roasted red pepper, and spinach.

The Enthusiast:

If he insists on being called Tex, Tiny, Tubby or just “dad” when he’s tending the barbecue for hours on end, consider a pair of heavy stainless steel pork claws. They make shredding pork a walk in the park.

The Entertainer:

Items designed for both cooking prep and presentation are great gifts. A jalapeno pepper rack adds grill appeal to this popular appetizer and a pizza stone helps backyard chefs prepare and serve an authentic pizza pie. Also, explore the wide range of rubs, marinades and wood chips available to provide hours of flavor experimenting.


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