Finances & Advice Things to consider as retirement approaches

Things to consider as retirement approaches


Though many people are delaying retirement, the day will still come when they leave their jobs behind and retire. Retirement can be a difficult adjustment that takes some getting used to, but it can also prove an exciting time, especially for those who planned ahead to ensure their retirement was a time to be cherished and not feared.

Whether retirement is right around the corner or still a decade or so away, men and women should consider several factors to make sure their retirement years are an enjoyable time that allows them to live life to the fullest.


Just because you’re no longer working doesn’t mean you won’t have income. Government benefits, retirement accounts and perhaps even some light consulting work are just a few ways retirees can earn an income. Though your retirement income will likely pale in comparison to your income as an adult working full time, estimate what that income will be so you can get at least an idea of how much will be coming in each month.

Monthly expenses

Once you have an idea of what’s coming in, estimate how much will be going out each month. Certain costs associated with working, such as the cost of commuting and maintaining a professional wardrobe, can be removed from the ledger. But other expenses, including utilities, car payments and possibly even a mortgage payment, will still need to be made. Once you have an idea of your projected income and your expenses during retirement, you can get to work on a prospective budget to show you what you will need to live on during retirement.


Where to spend your retirement years is another thing to consider before the big day arrives. Do you, like many retirees, prefer to stay in your own home? Do you want to relocate to a warmer climate or move to another country? Do you want to move closer to your children and grandchildren? Do you want to split your time in separate cities? Is a retirement village something you might be amenable to? Each of these options is different, and each requires a different financial commitment, so carefully consider where you want to spend your retirement and then consider how you can make those wishes a reality.


Many people now look at retirement as the end of one career and the beginning of another. As retirement draws closer, men and women might want to consider turning an interest or passion into a second career. Such a move might make retirement more exciting while removing some of the fear of finding enough things to pass the time that many people have with regard to retirement.

Medical costs

Private insurance or government-sponsored programs likely won’t cover all of your medical costs, which typically increase as a person ages. There are various ways to prepare for the medical costs that might arise during retirement, and the earlier you start that preparation the less stressful paying for medical care as you age figures to be.

Baby boomers approaching retirement should consider a host of factors to ensure their years out of the office are as exciting and enjoyable as possible.


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