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Pet care goes eco-friendly


Many pet owners take caring for their pets very seriously, carefully monitoring their pets’ diets, making visits to the veterinarian a part of their routine and ensuring their furry friends get plenty of exercise. In return, those pet owners get unconditional love and loyalty from their pets.

Though pets and pet owners can benefit from proper pet care, there’s a third party that can benefit, as well. When pet care is conducted in an eco-friendly way, the planet reaps as many rewards as pets and their owners. The following are a few ways pet owners can incorporate some eco-friendly practices into their pet care.

Use biodegradable bags to scoop waste

Biodegradable bags are a much more earth-friendly option than reusing a plastic bag from the grocery store. That’s because, unlike a plastic grocery bag, a biodegradable bag naturally decomposes, significantly reducing landfill waste. While no pet owner enjoys picking up after their four-legged friends, doing so in a way that’s more eco-friendly can give conscientious pet owners more peace of mind.

Go organic

The organic food movement has become more popular at dinner tables across the globe, so why not let pets get in on the trend as well? Organic pet foods are typically free of artificial flavors and colorings and are produced without the use of hormones or chemicals.

Don’t take the outdoors inside

Many homeowners use products like pesticides in their yard in an attempt to make their lawns appear as lush as possible. When possible, avoid the use of such products so pets can roam and play in a chemical-free environment. If you simply must use pesticides or insecticides, be careful not to track them indoors. Remove any footwear you wore in the yard when entering your home so you aren’t tracking potentially harmful chemicals inside where they can put your pets’ health in jeopardy.

Take a stroll rather than a drive to the dog park

Rather than driving to the dog park, walk there to reduce your fuel consumption. If the dog park is a bit too far from home for you and your pet to walk there and back, determine if it’s possible to take your dog via bicycle instead. Riding a bicycle is great exercise, and it’s a much more eco-friendly way to travel than driving.

Green-friendly grooming

Pet owners can even use green grooming products when cleaning their pets. Natural products can be just as effective as more traditional pet shampoos, but natural products are not made with chemicals that can harm the environment and even harm your pet if the products are ingested.


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