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Speakers offer information, tips on important topics


Six speakers are scheduled to share important information during the Senior Expo. They will be speaking in the Hilton Garden Inn board room, which opens off the Expo lobby.


Kate Schwarz, MD, Board Certified in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine, Director of Geriatric & Palliative Care Services and the Parkview Elder Life Program at Parkview Adventist Medical Center.

The Listening Project: Frail Elders is a focus group-based community needs assessment in the MidCoast area. Dr. Schwarz will talk about how the Parkview Elder Life Program got started, how doctors and health care providers from every medical discipline consult in the geriatric assessment program, and the importance of the Community Advisory Board in soliciting comments for the community-needs assessment. Parkview Hospital is partnering with several community stake-holders as they determine the needs and launch an action plan for the area’s most vulnerable senior citizens.


Enjoying and affording retirement communities and assisted living.

Gerry Gallin, Avita of Stroudwater, Westbrook. Gallin was one of the first geriatric care managers in Massachusetts. Her practice focused on finding the appropriate housing environment for people as they aged and their wants and needs changed. When assisted living became popular in the 1980s, Gerry became very involved in assisting families and the residents themselves in transitioning into a new less stressful lifestyle

With more than 30 years of experience assisting seniors in all aspects of life from social to financial resolutions, Gerry has opened 13 retirement communities and assisted in the opening of many more. Currently Gerry is assisting in the Grand Opening of Avita of Stroudwater, a new state of the art memory care assisted living in Westbrook. Gerry will offer many suggestions that will help residents enjoy retirement communities and assisted living.


Intergenerational Planning: How to Pass Along – and Protect – A Nest-Egg or an Inheritance.

Money is a difficult and emotional topic – especially within families. Yet, the reality is that without planning, your nest egg (and what you hope to pass on to the next generation) may be at risk.

This workshop will be presented by Barry L. Kohler, JD, CFP®, director of Androscoggin Bank’s Trust & Wealth Management Group. Designed for senior parents and their adult children, Mr. Kohler will explore key components of intergenerational planning, such as: risk management, disability planning, and post-mortem planning for senior parent(s) and their adult children; asset protection planning, including the use of trusts to protect assets and inheritances from “creditors and predators,” planning for the “family camp,” how to minimize estate taxes, and how to utilize a planning team to obtain the best results for you and your family.


Elder Mediation: How to Resolve Family Conflicts.

Nancy Markowitz, Mediation Program Director and Trainer since 1990, started the first family mediation program in Maine. Her current specialty is mediating with seniors and their families as they confront the complex issues of elder care. Nancy works with Advantage Home Care to provide this service to clients.

Conflicts happen to everyone but they can be especially painful and difficult to resolve when they involve a family with aging parents. Resolving conflicts begins by understanding the underlying issues involved – then you can begin to solve them. Nancy will talk about the conflicts that create problems (not all do) and give you some tips on what to do and when to enlist the help of an impartial third party (mediator). Nancy works with Rich Blumenthal at Advantage Home Care, a Portland based company providing in-home non-medical care that helps seniors get the help they need to remain safe and independent.


Strategies for the At-home Individual with Dementia.

Presenters: George A. Voyzey, M.Ed., CCC-SLP Master Clinician in Dementia, Coordinating committee member of the American Speech Language & Hearing Association’s Special Interest Group on Gerontology; author of four published ASHA articles on dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease.; and Bridget Moore, M.S., OT-L, Master Clinician in Dementia, Clinical Instructor and Mentor.

Sedgewood Commons in Falmouth has provided care for people living with Alzheimer’s for more than a decade. Come hear from dementia professionals how family and caretakers can learn techniques, activities, and strategies for assisting the individual with a diagnosis of dementia to maintain safety, independence, function and communication at home.


Driver’s Ed is Not Just for Teens: What’s a Driving Assessment? How Can Elder Drivers Remain Safe Drivers?

Heather Shields, OT, Pathways Rehabilitation Services. Shields is a certified Occupational Therapist. Her new company, Pathways Rehabilitation, offers driver assessments at your own home or community, and follow-up driver re-training if appropriate, to make sure you’re safe on the road and able to return to driving following a medical incident. She’s affiliated with the State. Come hear how she can help older drivers maintain their license and driving independence by working on their skills.


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