Pets Archive 5 fab ingredients for your pet’s diet

5 fab ingredients for your pet’s diet


We’ve all heard about super foods that we should be adding to our diet because of their antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties, but did you know there are similar foods for our pets, too?

Michele Dixon, a health and nutrition specialist with Petcurean, offers her list of five ingredients to consider for your pet’s diet.

• Pumpkin

We know that pumpkins are great for carving and delicious in pies, but pumpkin also is a source of fiber for pets that is high in vitamin A and beta-carotene.

• Cranberries

For many of the same reasons that they are good for humans, cranberries also are good for our pets. They are high in antioxidants and also are a good source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, which aids in pet urinary tract health.

• Papaya

This delicious and exotic tropical fruit is rich in vitamin B, which aids in cell metabolism, and contains papain, an enzyme that can help in a pet’s digestion.

• Chickpeas

Many of us enjoy chickpeas in salads, hummus and falafel balls. They also are good for our pets because they are rich in prebiotics, which stimulate the activity of bacteria in the digestive system and aid healthy digestion.

• Cottage cheese

This versatile food is a good source of riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and selenium for our pets. Cottage cheese contains only small amounts of lactose, so a very small amount would not be an issue for intolerant dogs.

Many dog owners are tempted to toss their pet a treat once in a while, but they should be careful it’s not doing more harm than good. Dixon says foods like grapes, nuts, chocolate and cooked bones are definite no-no items that can harm your pet. She suggests opting for treats like carrots or apples, which have terrific health benefits.

Woodrow, a black-and-tan coon hound, and Maggie, a redbone coon hound, are rescues that came to Sam Hunneman of Freeport from the South.  


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