Publisher's Note Got technology? Thank boomers

Got technology? Thank boomers



’ve read that baby boomers invented modern technology. I think that is more-or-less true. As a generation, we were on the forefront, the cutting edge of the 20th-century technology revolution. And, keep in mind, it was and continues to be a revolution that has changed the world. We had the first mobile phones, the first computers, we survived the dot coms and we are the largest group of mobile/social users on the planet. So, when the 20- and 30-something’s look at you, the boomer, like you are old, outdated and ill-equipped to deal with technology, let them know that it was your generation who created it. We are a product of the swinging ’60s, the daring, outspoken revolutionaries, and we will not be intimidated by new technology.

I liked reading about Felice Boucher, a local photographer, who uses technology to her advantage, but has the wisdom that comes with maturity in a profession to know when not to use it. This is something that people learn as they evolve with the changes. You can read about Boucher and other boomers who are staying ahead of the curve on page 6 in this issue of My Generation.

I started in the newspaper industry when we were still using hot metal typesetting. I have seen hundreds of technological innovations in my 27-year career, and continue to see more almost daily. It is hard to keep up sometimes, but fun to learn and adapt, and also a challenge to know when to sit back and take a wait-and-see approach. About seven or eight years ago, I remember suggesting to an editor that we put a video on our website. He was horrified. A video on a newspaper website? “They call that TV,” he shouted at me. “We are a newspaper company.” The same editor made fun of me for wanting to start a Facebook page for our newspapers. He was about 20 years younger and hadn’t grown up with the technology revolution the way I had. Today, he is an online editor for a major daily newspaper. Things change.

I hope you stay ahead of the curve and enjoy this issue of My Generation. We always appreciate your feedback, and don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook or get in touch the old-fashioned way – give us a call.

Lee Hews, Publisher

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