Publisher's Note Life on the Love Shack tour

Life on the Love Shack tour

Publisher's Note


You know you’re not in Kansas anymore (or Durham, Maine) when you have to walk a mile for a $5 shower. This morning, Day 4 of our 2015 Love Shack tour, we woke up on the side of Hunter Mountain, N.Y., where we are camping for the 11th annual Mountain Jam festival. We’ve had two full days and nights of music (the music stops at about 3 a.m. and starts up again before noon) and plenty of good vibes to last a long time.

It was about 10 months ago, when camping in our converted van (the Love Shack) at Gunstock Mountain, that we got the idea to hit the road for a month, following the music and seeing things that we had never seen. We spent the winter figuring out our route and hit the road on June 3, our wedding anniversary, headed for our first festival. After one night at a nearby KOA in Saugerties, N.Y., we dropped our dogs off for a temporary stay at a local boarding facility and headed up the mountain.

We had chosen Mountain Top Car Camping (as opposed to Near Car Camping, Tent Camping, Riverside Car Camping, etc.). It had occurred to me about a couple of months before we left that “mountain top” camping would probably involve some uphill climbs to and from the concert field. I was right about that. But, it’s all worth it. We are right above the concert field and we can sit in our “Clam” Screen House, or lay in bed, and listen to the music at the same quality as if we were sitting on the field. In this case, the field is the side of a mountain, so sitting there in the collapsible “soccer” chairs is not easy. It also wasn’t easy to get the van level, but after one night of rolling off the bed, Brian fixed that.

This issue of My Generation is our travel and leisure issue, and my editor thought it would be a good idea for me to write about this experience. Everyone has a different idea of leisure, right? Many people would not like to wash their dishes with the Helio Pressure Shower (which also worked for Brian as a people shower); some would complain about walking a mile to use a real toilet; others might not think loud rock ‘n’ roll until 3 in the morning was leisurely; and many people would not like the idea of living in a van for 33 days with their partner. But for us, it’s very leisurely.

Leisure, on the road, is having a very flexible schedule, exploring and discovering the new places that are just across the next state line. Whatever your idea of leisure is, and where ever you find yourself traveling to this summer, I hope you enjoy it. I know we are now, and though we are so anxious and excited about the rest of our month, we are trying hard just to “live in the moment.”

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Lee Hews, Publisher


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