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I dared to take an art challenge

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At the age of 65, I decided to go back to college to get an art degree. Because I still work – as a freelance writer and blogger – I can only handle one or two classes a semester, but I’m in no rush.

The slower pace means they may be handing out my diploma at the same time my ashes are being sprinkled in the garden, but as they say, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. And I’m enjoying every single minute.

I’m learning new skills, experimenting with different techniques and media and being pushed way outside my comfort zone over and over again. So many thrilling challenges!

But I nearly turned down a recent challenge because it felt a bit too overwhelming. A few months ago, a fellow student, Richard Hudon, kindly dared me to post three pieces of my artwork on Facebook every day for five days.

I panicked. I didn’t think I had 15 pieces I’d be willing to share so publicly, so I didn’t even entertain the notion. Later in the day, my former drawing teacher, Lucy Ellen Smith, sent me the same challenge.

When something keeps coming up I think it’s important to pay attention, so I took a deep breath and said, “Just do it, Diane.”

So I did it and I survived intact, with a boost to my self-confidence. I’m grateful to Richard and Lucy for presenting me with the challenge and proud of myself for seeing it through. Some dares are definitely worth taking!

These are some of the pieces I posted. Most are oils, a few are acrylics and one is a skirt made entirely out of vegetables.


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