Publisher's Note Onward and upward with the arts

Onward and upward with the arts

Publisher's Note


We’ve been publishing My Generation magazine for the last nine years, and it’s no wonder that it is so popular. According the AARP, Maine has the highest concentration of boomers among adults in the nation. We are a “booming” place to be! The AARP also reports, “Recent numbers indicate that 52 percent of Maine’s economy is controlled by people over the age of 50; over half the economy in business formation, consumer spending and contributions to the labor force, both paid and unpaid.” We, Maine boomers, are a strong bunch in numbers, and an equally strong force in our local economy.

In this issue of My Generation, we are looking at the arts, and it’s no surprise to see that boomers are into just about every element of the local arts scene. In these pages, you will meet a potter, a successful novelist and painter, musicians and other performing artists, and a local fiber artist who is also a college founder and president. A common thread of all of our featured boomers seems to be passion and finding ways to fuel that passion and sustain a lifestyle with art at the center.

Artist and educator Berri Kramer, from Kennebunk, offers a thoughtful perspective on boomers in the arts. When asked, “How was art different for the baby boomer generation? What has changed?” Kramer talks about how integrated art and education were when we boomers were in grade school and how much that focus has changed. “We’re taking the arts out of the system because there’s a focus on needing to go into a field to make money. Art has become a business instead of a practice. Now people operate out of fear when they go to college – a sense that they have to pick something to survive on. It’s sad to do things just for money.” Kramer goes on to say that in the college years, boomers “had the luxury to fail and figure it out and be creative thinkers, to experience doubt and do our own thing for a while.” You can read more of our Q&A with Kramer on page 15.

Whether you are producer of art or a consumer of art, we think you will find lots of things to love about this issue of My Generation. Look for our next issue of My Generation on the stands by Sept. 30.

Lee Hews, Publisher


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