Publisher's Note Ahead of the curve

Ahead of the curve

Publisher's Note


My husband I have a common and frequent saying: ”Just keep moving.” We are both high-energy, fast-moving doers. Friends tell us that we cram more into a weekend than they do in a whole year of activities. We say, “Why not”? We are busy and happy, not busy and stressed. For us, it’s our way of staying young and staying ahead of the curve (that being the curve of aging).

I used to ask my kids if they would rather go to the beach or wash the floor. No one ever mentioned the dirty floors, but I have lots of great memories of my summers at Pine Point. Today, I see no harm in letting the clean laundry sit in baskets until the next season. Who cares? I would much rather spend my time doing dozens of other things than putting away laundry.

In this issue of My Generation, we look at several high-profile, high-energy baby boomers who, at the top of their game, have no intention of slowing down. When I first met Cheryl Carrier in 1991, she ran a small preschool from her home in Scarborough. Today, Carrier, the owner of Toddle Inn, oversees large day care facilities in eight communities, serving hundreds of children. At 57, Carrier shows no signs of slowing down, she sees herself providing quality child care to Maine families for many years to come. You can read more about Carrier and her business on page 6.

Most of us have come to know Cindy Williams, longtime WCSH news anchor, from the comfort of our own homes. Williams, with more than 25 years at the station, is well known to many Mainers. A former Miss America competitor from Mississippi, Williams had aspirations to work in larger markets, but fell in love with Maine and chose it as the place to raise her family and build her career. Like the other boomers we are featuring in this issue, Williams has no plans of changing course. She wants to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. Read more on page 9.

Colleen Hilton, CEO of VNA Home Health & Hospice, and mayor of Westbrook is a busy woman. She juggles the demands of a huge corporate health-care job with the ever-challenging needs of overseeing a feisty city government. Hilton can’t possibly have time to rest. She takes the “keep on moving” mantra to a new level. Like so many of us in our professional lives, Hilton is challenged in both her roles to find ways to do more with less. Hilton has no intention of slowing down, but would like to spend more time with present and future grandchildren and maybe take a few vacations.

As a maturing baby boomer, I am so thrilled to read about others who make the most of their time on this planet. Whether it’s career, family or personal passion, I think if we all keep moving and manage to stay slightly ahead of the curve, we will be in good shape. Take care, Happy New Year and all the best for success in 2016.


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