50 & Up Three significant career trends for the 50+ generation

Three significant career trends for the 50+ generation


1. Desire for meaning, purpose and contribution.
Those are the three words I hear most often from my clients who are in their second half of life.

It makes sense, since research now shows that our desire for purpose increases as we age. That might be a shocker for some who thought that older adults abandon their need for doing something meaningful once they exit the workforce.

2. Redefining the traditional retirement age.
Age 70 may be the new 65 as more and more people predict they will officially retire later than their parents. The reasons vary from insufficient savings to a desire to continue to make a difference as part of the marketplace.

3. Increasing interest in creating a “second or third act” beyond an established career path.
Many people approaching retirement are exploring new careers that tap a new set of skills or interests or will allow them to make a difference in their community.

If you want to explore options for what’s next in your life after 50, join us for an exciting and unique event:

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Barbara Babkirk is the owner and founder of Heart At Work Associates, a career counseling and outplacement firm in Portland. (heartatworkassociates.com, 775-6400)


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