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People are different. So it stands to reason that people have different ideas about what makes for a great adventure or leisure-time activity. For some, a perfect leisurely afternoon is exploring historical sites or museums; others might like to lie on the beach with one of their favorite summer reads; and some of us, like me, like to get away from it all in a converted van and go to a rock festival with 10,000 other music fans. Not leisurely, you say? Well, sitting on the side of mountain with a cold beverage in my hand and the sun shining while listening to good music is pretty leisurely in my opinion.

The same goes for adventure. Riding a fast motorcycle in the Smokies on Deals Gap for 11 miles and 318 turns—several times in a day—is my husband’s idea of adventure (certainly not mine). Others love to skydive, ocean kayak, climb and bike mountains or retreat to nature for long periods. Yup, people are different for sure. No matter what your idea is of a great adventure, there’s probably something in Maine that will satisfy you.

Meet Nancy Zane, page 10, founder of North Star Adventures, who takes people on a variety of adventurous excursions. “I take people out and meet them where they’re at physically,” Zane says. “You don’t have to be an extreme athlete to get out there and enjoy the backcountry. If half a mile is what you can hike, that’s awesome. And it can be a catalyst for lifestyle change.” From her home base in Unity, Zane has a wide backdrop of activities to choose from—things like kayaking, hiking, campfire cooking, and an arts series that encourages participants to get creative outdoors.

Sometimes we all feel the urge to get out of town, and writer Lucinda Hannington has a roundup of ideas on page 14 for great weekend getaways. I’ve never been to Moosehead Lake, but it is definitely on my list and this description makes it even more enticing: “Stunning views and numerous add-ons make this bed and breakfast an ideal spot for either outdoor adventures or a little R&R. All stays include a gourmet breakfast and optional packages range from moonlight canoe trips and stargazing to multi-day hikes to seaplane rides. No matter your taste, there’s something for you at the Lodge, plus there are plenty of opportunities for short hikes, boating, biking, photography and more in the surrounding area.” Sign me up!

If you want to get out and explore in a converted van (like Clarke Canfield used to do in his younger days, page 17) check out I’ve written here many times that traveling in a van—exploring all parts of the state and the country—is my idea of a good time. There are plenty of options to try one out by renting. Some national rental sites like RVShare, Outdoorsy and Campanda are good resources to check.

Whatever your idea is of a great adventure or a leisurely afternoon, go for it! The warm days of summer and early fall are ideal for outdoor exploration and relaxation. Take some time to see and do something fun.

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