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Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

Life is better with a pet

I think there has only been a period of nine months in my entire life that I have not had a dog. I’m not...

Evolving relationships

I love this issue of My Generation magazine! I know I’m biased, but I am also a Boomer and can deeply relate to the...

Things to do all summer long

I love living in Maine, and I find lots of things to do all year round, but let’s face it—summer in Maine is the...

Have a mid-life adventure

Walking a mile down a mountain to wait in line for a $5 shower is an adventure on its own—and not a situation I...

The gift of caring

Many boomers find themselves in the role of caregiver. Many of us are sandwiched between caring for our own children and our aging parents....

Phasing it in

My husband Brian and I have started to think about the next phase of our life together. Not retirement exactly, but more of a...

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