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Life on the Love Shack tour

You know you’re not in Kansas anymore (or Durham, Maine) when you have to walk a mile for a $5 shower. This morning, Day...

We’re all riding the ‘Gray Tsunami’

Have you been hearing or reading about the “Gray Tsunami?” The baby-boomer generation is getting ready to turn 70 next year, and there is...

It’s the Love Shack, baby

For those of you who read My Generation regularly, in print or online, you may remember my writing about the “Love Shack.” In case...

Take care of that boomer body

Most boomers take reasonably good care of their cars. I don’t base this on any facts, just personal observations. We put gas in...

The many ways of giving back

M y husband often talks about feeling a need to give back, and I remind him that he does and we do, every day,...

Got technology? Thank boomers

I ’ve read that baby boomers invented modern technology. I think that is more-or-less true. As a generation, we were on the...

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